Corporate Service


Destrier provides full corporate service for companies and their bodies.

We help with transformations, founding and partner contracts, disputes between partners, and support our clients in day-to-day operations.

We pay attention to business-related risk factors.

We create effective and secure corporate governance structures.

Area of activity:

  • We help in creating and registering companies
  • We provide comprehensive support for operations on capital, increases and decreases in share capital, issue of subscription warrants, and bonds.
  • We support company bodies, prepare appropriate resolutions, protocols, etc.
  • We handle corporate disputes, conflicts between partners and members of bodies
  • We create partner agreements, shareholder agreements, and company’s founding documents
  • We handle proceedings before the National Court Register
  • We create ESOP incentive programs
  • We develop regulations and internal regulations


Preparation of a number of incentive programs, including ones based on virtual shares and subscription warrants

Preparation of a structure to resolve disputes between shareholders and a new corporate governance structure

Servicing a foreign capital group in a dispute with other partners in a joint venture